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  新浪教育[微博]讯 2014年12月20日全国大学英语四级考试已结束,本次考试为多题多卷,新浪外语第一时间收集整理不同版本试题,供考生参考,以下是新浪网教育频道第一时间收集整理不同版本试题,供考生参考,以下为沪江网校提供的四级试题及参考答案汇总:


  When talking about the course which impresses me the most, I will certainly choose Basic Chemical Experiment. As a student of science, I am always fascinated with the magic in test tubes, and from this course I gained more than pure knowledge。

  To begin with, this course provides us opportunities to put theories into practices. The experiments helped us testify and better understand what we have learned in books. Besides, by designing experimental procedures of own, we became more flexible and innovative。

  Moreover, I also developed other skills that required outside labs through this course. For example, to be focused and careful when proceeding a task, to be patient and calm when facing failures, and to communicate properly when you need someone else to cooperate. These can be very valuable assets to your life。

  Basic Chemical Experiment influenced me not only on academic field but also on daily affairs, therefore it’s the most impressing course to me。


  1.B He has not cleared the apartment since his mother’s visit。

  2.C They might as well take the next bus。

  3.C She has to do extra work for a few days。

  4.A change her job。

  5.D He failed to do what he promised to do。

  6.B The woman does not like horror films。

  7.C The speakers share a common view on love。

  8.A Preparations for a forum。


  9. B Scandinavia

  10. D More women will work outside the family

  11. D Spend more time changing women’s attitudes

  12. A In a restaurant

  13. C He is the Managing Director of Jayal Motors

  14. B To get a good import agent

  15. D His determination


  16. What are scientists trying to explain according to the passage?

  答案:(A) How being an identical twin influences one’s identify。

  【点评】:细节题。本篇文章开头即指出 ‘they(scientists) are trying to explain how being half of the biological pair influences a twin’s identity.’由此可知科学家一直试图想要解释双胞胎的身份人格是如何受到影响的。

  17. What do we learn about the twin Jims?

  答案:(B) They grew up in different surroundings。

  【点评】:细节题。关键词即是Jim 这个名字。关于两个Jim的情况是:他们一直生长在不同家庭,直到39岁才见面。‘… grew up in different families and did not meet for 39 years.’ 他们都结过两次婚,第二次婚姻中,妻子都叫贝蒂。‘Both men were married twice… and their second wives were both named Betty.’ 而他们的第一个孩子都是儿子 ‘Both twins named their first sons James Allen.’

  18. Why are scientists interested in studying identical twins raised in different families?

  答案:(A) They want to find out the relationship between environment and biology。

  【点评】:细节题。通过对两个Jim的研究, These twins help scientists understand the connection between environment and biology。


  22. How big does the speaker say Andorra is?

  答案:A. It covers 197 square meters。


  23. What can be said about Andorra before the 1930s?

  答案:D. It was cut off from the rest of the world。

  点评:词义判断题,考查同学们对 “travelers had difficulty in reaching the country”的理解。

  24. What event changed the situation in Andorra?

  答案:C. The building of roads connecting it with neighboring countries。

  点评:事实细节题,需要同学们听到并理解句子“When roads were built from France and Spain to Andorra in the 1930s, life picked up speed。”

  25. What do most people do in Andorra do nowadays?

  答案:B. They work in the tourist industry。



  26. familiar

  27. put forward

  28. caution

  29. live with

  30. alternatives

  31. ignore

  32. participated

  33. in need of

  34. focus on

  35. judgments

  点评:本文主要表达当你在做决定时,应该如何有选择性的听取他人的意见。整体文章在理解上难度并不大。但在填入单词或词组的过程中需要同学们在拼写,时态与词组的连读上注意。比如alternatives,in need of等。十个空中,四个词组,三个名词,两个动词,一个形容词。词组难度不大,拼写也比较方便。关键还是在于同学们平日的词汇量的积累。




  The giant panda is a docile animal with unique black and white fur. Because of their small number, giant pandas have been listed

  as an endangered species. The giant pandas are of special significance for WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Since the establishment in 1961, the fund has been using the giant panda as its logo. The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family. They mainly live in the forests of southwestern China. Currently, there are about 1,000 giant pandas in the world. The bamboo-eating animals are facing many threats. Therefore, to ensure the survival of the giant panda is more important than ever。



  More and more Chinese young people are becoming interested in travelling, which is a new trend in recent years. The increasing number of young tourists can be attributed

  to the rapid rise of their income and curiosity for exploring the outside world. With more travel, young people spend less time in big cities and famous sights. Instead, they are attracted to more remote places. Some people even choose a long backpacking trip. A recent survey shows that many young people want to experience a different culture, enrich their knowledge and broaden their horizons through travelling。



  The Chinese Internet Community experienced the fastest development. By 2010, there had been 420 million netizens in China and this number is still rising rapidly. The popularization of Internet has brought about huge changes. Generally speaking, American netizens are more often than not driven by real necessities such as sending emails, on-line trading, doing research, travel planning and on-line payment. While, Chinese netizens use Internet out of the need for social communication. Therefore, they log more generally onto web forums, blogs and chatting rooms。


  36. N. survey

  37. O. traces

  38. I. products

  39. K. released

  40. J. ranging

  41. M. simple

  42. H. necessarily

  43. L. shocked

  44. C. belong

  45. B. average


  本次选词填空是一篇关于日常生活化学污染的文章。文章内容虽然略带科普性,但实际上与大家的日常生活息息相关,如果用生活常识和中文的背景知识来答题也能帮助不少。同时,从词汇考查角度看,仍然与往年相同,副词考查最少,名词和动词重点考查,所以与沪江英语教研君在平时向大家提倡的一样,建议对选项和目标词进行词性的标注和预判,进而再根据语法规则及上下文逻辑确定最终答案。另外,本次考题再次证明了难词往往不是答案,例如D. demonstrated,G. habitually都并未出现在答案中。


  56 B) Whether local bike shops will suffer。

  57 C) It saw its bike sales on the rise。

  58 B) Its customers have been drawn away by Citi Banks。

  59 A) Inexperienced riders might break biking rules。

  60 D) Approving。

  61. C) Little improvement in education has resulted from increased spending。

  62. B) Skilled students are moving to private schools。

  63. C) Talented women teachers。

  64. A) New career opportunities were made available to them by women’s liberation。

  65. D) An ever-growing number of administrators。


  46. E

  47. I

  48. D

  49. O

  50. K

  51. B

  52. E

  53. C

  54. L

  55. G


  本次长篇阅读匹配题是关于二战后生育高峰的人在美国大萧条时期遭遇下岗、被迫提前退休等困窘状况的原因、影响等。文章题材与前两年阅读常考话题一致,属于社会问题型。考查题目中仍然以80%为细节题,仅有46题和53题为主旨概括题,其他均为细节题。而细节题的好处是题干中的定位词和原文几乎完全一致,如:47题laid off在I段第一句一致;50题Age discrimination在K段特殊标点符号,引号中为“Discrimination by age,…”。因此,从细节题居多,题干关键词基本能与文章一一对应来看,本篇难度与往年持平。